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    Geek Bar Vs Elf Bar - How To Choose

    The advancement of knowledge has led to the change of many ways of doing things. Vaping has been a new trend, and different companies have invested in manufacturing vaping products, and this has attracted stiff competition between two vape manufacturers, Elf bar and Geek Bar. It is difficult for novice smokers to decide on the best manufacturer between the two. However, this should not be a concern to you, and this article has you covered by dissecting the variations and similarities of the two.

    Comparison based on the appearance

    This autonomy will help you make the right choice according to your preference. Geek Bars and Elf Bars are made in convenient shapes and sizes to facilitate easy carriage in the pockets. The Elf Bars 600 are cylindrical and come in different colors based on the flavor. They also have an ergonomic duck mouthpiece that is flat and black. To identify the flavor of the Elf Bars 600, read the puff tag from the face of the machine and choose your preference. One of the best features of the Elf Bars is its black mouthpiece which simply fits with any color of its flavors.

    The Elf bars come in different flavors, which are of top quality. Elf Bar 600 has 26 different flavors. Each of the vapes they manufacture is pre-filled with 2ml of 20mg of an e-liquid of salt nicotine comprising the nicotine energy. It has an inbuild power battery of 550mAh that has the potential to support about 600 puffs. Each flavor has a different color of a machine, which is indicated on the tag, but for any flavor you choose, you will love it.

    GEEK BAR 575, on the other hand, is pre-filled with a 20ml vape juice of 20mg nicotine energy, with a battery of 500mAh, which can potentially support 40 cigarettes equivalent to 575 puffs. What makes GEEK BAR 575 special is how it can hit a throat very easily, satisfying your vape cravings very easily. In addition, it allows you to easily make yourself a vaping expert by availing yourself of various flavors.

    GEEK BAR they have interesting physic; for example, the GEEK BAR 575 has a complex shape with a crystal-clear exterior shell with a tube of meals grade materials. The physic and the mouthpiece are built as a whole; there is no difference in color and material. The best feature of GEEK BAR 575 is its compact size to e carried in the pocket and its shiny and excellent design. Outline of the main features.

    Elf Bar Spec

    • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml
    • Battery Capacity: 550mAh
    • Puffs: Roughly 600 puffs
    • Flavors Available: 26
    • Nicotine Strength Available:0mg/20mg

    Geek Bar Spec

    • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml
    • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
    • Puffs: Roughly 575 puffs
    • Flavors Available: 26
    • Nicotine Strength Available:0mg/20mg

    Comparison based on performance

    Disposable vapes are in a structure that enhances simplicity and comfort, and this case also applies to the elf and Geek bars vapes. For instance, disposable vape Elf Bar 600 has a solid design while maintaining high quality. These vapes are available in the market while fully loaded with a pre-filled e-liquid and a charged battery, so it is ready for use wherever you go. The Elf Bar has an inbuild charged battery of 550mAh, filled with Nic salts of the energy of 20mg. The inbuilt battery can support more than 600 puffs for every machine.

    On the other hand, disposable vape GEEK BAR 575 has nicotine energy of 20mg and 2ml vape juice. It also has an inbuilt battery of 500mAh, which can be used for 40 cigarettes, equivalent to 575 puffs. This makes it very friendly for long journey commuters and night and weekend getaways. Elf and GEEK bars have zero nicotine, which is very suitable for those who stop smoking.

    Comparison based on the flavors

    Elf flavors

    There are 26 different flavors that you can choose from in the Elf Bar 600. Below are an in-depth description of the common flavors in Elf Bars 600.

    Strawberry Ice Cream flavor

    When having a puff of this flavor, you will enjoy the heat of the refreshing strawberry and the cooling effect of the candy ice cream. Each puff is filled with the creamy candy scent's aroma and the berry fruit bitter with a cool menthol aftertaste that will satisfy your demanding style buds.

    Coconut melon

    The coconut melon elf bar is very popular, especially in the summer. Think of the cooling effect of the coconut aroma long the melon style. There can be nothing better than this flavor on a summer night, especially on a sea shore; it is like drinking coconut juice and ice melon, giving you a stress-free moment.

    Lychee Ice

    This flavor comprises the menthol twist together with the tropical lychee elf bar, creating a very good balance that gives you a natural refreshing breath and taste in your mouth.

    GEEK bars flavors

    Lemon tart

    There is no better taste than the refreshing bitter, and cooling aroma of the lemon tart Geek Bar, and to add to that, combined with tangy perfume, creates a creamy candy-like dessert.

    Blueberry ice

    It is a combination of the mint and blueberry taste. The best part of this flavor comes in exhalation. Unlike other Greek bar flavors, the mint is toned down, making it combine very well.

    Greek berg

    This flavor is made using a specific method combining blended berries, aniseed, and menthol. This is one of the flavors in a puff. If you tried, you could not afford to miss it. It combines the aroma of the aniseed and the refreshing perfume of the berries and the menthol.


    Undoubtedly, the Elf bars and Greek bars are the best vaping bars a novice can have in the market today in their vaping journey. It is not hard for a novice to differentiate between the Elf bars and the Greek bars from their physical appearances and the flavors indicated on the tags. For example, if you are looking for Elf Bar 600, they have a shiny surface while the Greek Bar 575 has solid physic.

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