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    How to Vape and Inhale Properly: A Beginner’s Guide

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    So, you’re considering starting vaping? That’s great news! Vaping is a great way to reduce your smoking habit and can be highly satisfying. However, it can be a little confusing when you’re starting out. Thanks to the booming vaping industry, there are countless types of devices, e-liquids and accessories to choose from, plus different vaping styles to learn about, which is why we’ve created this guide just for beginners. In it, we’ll cover all the basics you need before getting started with vaping. We’ll explain what vaping is and provide a step-by-step guide on how to vape and inhale properly (including mouth-to-lung and direct lung vaping), so you’ll feel like a total vaping pro from the outset. 

    What is Vaping?

    Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling an aerosol, commonly referred to as vapour, produced by a device known as an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette, or vape). E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that heat a liquid, often referred to as e-liquid or e-juice, into a vapour that can be inhaled. E-liquids typically contain nicotine and flavourings.

    Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, as evidence has shown it to be a potentially safer and healthier option. 

    What are Vapes and How Do They Work?

    A vape device, or e-cigarette, typically consists of three parts: a tank, an atomiser coil and a battery. The tank holds the e-liquid that you’ll be inhaling and is typically made from glass or stainless steel. The atomiser coil is part of the device that heats up and vaporises the e-liquid, allowing you to inhale it. Finally, the battery powers your device and can be recharged when necessary.

    What Can You Vape?

    Vaporising is for vape e-liquid only - don’t be tempted to vape anything else! Despite some similarities to oil, e-juice is not an oil; nor does it have the same consistency as other liquids such as water, juice, alcohol or any other chemicals, and it can be dangerous to attempt to vape anything other than vape juice. Some vape liquid is CBD-infused; again, this is not the same as CBD oil or tinctures found in health stores- you must purchase specific non-nicotine CBD e-juice.

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    How to Vape: A Step-By-Step Guide

    1. Charge the battery: Before you start, make sure your vape has a fully charged battery. Connect the battery to the charger and wait until it's fully charged.
    2. Fill the tank: Open the tank and fill it with e-liquid. Make sure you don't overfill it, as this can lead to leaks.
    3. Assemble the vape: Put the tank back on the battery and screw it in place.
    4. Turn it on: Most vapes have a power button that you need to press five times quickly to turn on. Once it's on, the LED light will indicate that it's ready to use.
    5. Set the temperature: If your vape has temperature control, use the buttons to set it to your desired temperature.
    6. Take a draw: Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale slowly. Hold the vapour in your mouth for a few seconds before exhaling.
    7. Adjust the temperature: If you're not getting enough vapour, try increasing the temperature. If it's too harsh, lower the temperature.
    8. Clean the device: After use, it's important to clean your vaporiser to ensure it lasts a long time. Clean the tank and mouthpiece, and wipe down the battery and body of the vape.

    Note: Always read the instructions that come with your vape and use it responsibly. If you're under the legal age to purchase nicotine products, or if you're pregnant or have any medical conditions, it's best to avoid using a vape device.

    How to Inhale Properly

    Inhaling vapour correctly can make all the difference in your vaping experience. There are two types of inhalation methods which we have outlined below.

    Mouth-to-Lung (MTL)

    Mouth-to-lung vaping is the most commonly used method of inhaling vapour. To do this, you should draw the vapour into your mouth first and let it sit there for a moment before taking it into your lungs. This method allows you to get more flavour out of your e-juice and also requires less power from your device, making it a great option for flavour-chasers who want to enjoy their e-juice without having too much of a throat hit.

    To perform a mouth-to-lung inhale, start by taking a slow and steady draw on your vapour, filling your mouth gradually with vapour. Once your mouth is full, take a quick but gentle breath in and draw the vapour into your lungs. Hold it there for a few seconds before exhaling.

    Direct Lung (DL)

    Direct-lung inhales are much more powerful than mouth-to-lung inhales and require more power from your device. To do this, you'll draw the vapour directly into your lungs in one quick inhalation. This method is great for vapers who want a bigger, thicker cloud and a stronger throat hit.

    To perform a direct-lung inhale, take a deep breath in as you draw on your vapour. Fill your lungs with vapour quickly but don't hold it in for too long, as this could lead to coughing and discomfort. Exhale the vapour slowly and enjoy your flavourful cloud.

    How Often Should I Vape?

    It's important to remember that too much of anything can be bad for you, and vaping is no different. Even though e-liquids contain nicotine, it's still best to vape in moderation. Generally speaking, it's recommended that you take no more than two or three puffs per minute and no more than 10-15 puffs in one sitting. This will help you to enjoy your vaping experience without overdoing it.

    By following these guidelines, you can ensure that you're getting the most out of your vape experience without taking too much vapour.

    Can You Vape Too Much?

    It is possible to vape too much, but your body will tell you when you’ve had enough. Taking too many puffs in a short period of time or taking too strong of a draw can lead to coughing and even breathing difficulties. Vaping too much nicotine can also cause nausea and dizziness, so it's important to monitor your intake and take regular breaks if you begin to feel overwhelmed. If you're ever unsure about how much to vape, it's always best to start with a smaller amount and work your way up. Vaping is meant to be enjoyable, so take the time to find a balance that works for you.

    Should I Start Vaping?

    Vaping is a personal choice, so it's important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. Vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and can help you overcome nicotine addiction. However, we recommend researching all of the potential risks associated with vaping and speaking to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about your health. Ultimately, you need to decide for yourself whether vaping is right for you. If you do decide to start vaping, remember to always practice responsible vaping habits. If you have any further questions or require additional advice, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Aromavape team. Be aware of your surroundings, obey all local laws and regulations, and above all else always vape safely! Good luck!

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