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    Dinner Lady Vape Pen

    Dinner Lady vapes are perfect for when you want a quick, easy vape that doesn't require any experience or maintenance. A leading brand in the vape industry, Dinner Lady combines technical innovations with some incredible, award-winning dessert flavours that will make your mouth water just thinking about them.

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    What is a Dinner Lady Vape?

    A Dinner Lady vape pen is a premium, market-leading disposable vape that is prefilled with amazing flavours and comes with the additional benefits of never needing to recharge or refill your device.

    The Dinner Lady brand is an industry leader and has won over fifty awards, including 'Best Dessert Flavour' five years running.

    Dinner Lady Vape Flavours

    The v800 Dinner Lady disposable vape is celebrated for its delectable dessert-style flavours. Lemon Tart is a must-try flavour that has won ‘Best Dessert E-Liquid’ five years in a row; other delicious vape flavours include Mint Menthol, Berry Tobacco, Sun Tan Mango, Banana Ice Dinner and Cola Shades.

    How Many Puffs in a Dinner Lady Vape?

    The premium v800 Dinner Lady vape offers up to 800 puffs of superior flavour per disposable vape pen.

    How Much Nicotine is in a Dinner Lady Vape Pen?

    The v800 Dinner Lady vape disposable comes prefilled with 20mg salt nicotine e-liquid.

    Is Dinner Lady Vape Pen Good?

    The v800 Dinner Lady vape pen sets the bar at a higher standard. It offers a whole host of premium flavours and a stylish, first-class device which our customers love.

    Where to Buy Dinner Lady Vapes in the UK

    Purchase your favourite Dinner Lady disposable vape here at Aroma Vape where you’ll find premium vapes for unbeatable prices. We stock only authentic vape pens with the best reviews. Plus, delivery is super-fast and free if you spend £40 or more!

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