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    SMOK Vape Kit

    Beginner or expert vaper, you’ve likely heard of SMOK. Long-time pioneers in the vape industry, SMOK are responsible for many of the most popular vape kits and mods globally. We’re proud to stock genuine SMOK products, from simple starter kits to premium mods, and no matter your vaping level, you’re sure to find your perfect vape device for you. Shop our broad range of SMOK vape kits and mods at competitive prices and enjoy super-fast delivery.

    Who are SMOK?

    SMOK are a long-standing and prominent name in the vaping industry, renowned for producing many of the highest-quality and most popular vape kits, mods and tanks. SMOKTech is a brand that was founded in 2010 by parent company IVPS Technology Co., specialists in global e-cigarette production. There is a SMOK vape kit or mod for all kinds of vapers thanks to a broad range of starter kits to more advanced hardware.

    SMOK Vape Kits & Mods

    Some of the most highly-regarded vape kits and mods on the market are produced by SMOK. Revered for their quality performance, robust build and smart appearance, SMOK offers some of the best vape kits for new vapers, such as the Smok Nord Pod Kit (ideal for MTL fans), alongside more advanced kits for seasoned e-cigarette fans such as the carefully crafted SMOK Mag range and the high-performing Alien mod. 

    Shop SMOK Vape Kit at Aroma Vape

    We’re proud to stock authentic SMOK vape kits and mods at Aroma Vape; featuring a broad range from starter kits to pod kits. SMOK has a device to offer every type of vaper; from those looking for their very first simple vape to more powerful mods.

    With free UK shipping when you spend at least £25, plus next-day delivery options and consistently competitive prices. Aroma Vape is the ideal store to purchase your SMOK vape kit in the UK.


    What is SMOK?

    SMOK (or SMOKTech) is a global brand that was founded in 2010 by an e-cigarette production company called IVPS. SMOK is a Chinese manufacturer of vaping products, including disposable vapes, vape kits, mods, tanks and coils. They are a well-respected and innovative brand within the vaping industry and produce hardware for all kinds of vapers, from new starters to seasoned vape lovers.

    Is SMOK a Reputable Brand?

    Absolutely. SMOK have a strong reputation for providing many of the safest vaping kits and devices on the market, with millions of pounds invested into the development and production of their products to ensure that they adhere to the highest standards of safety.

    Which is the Best SMOK Vape Kit?

    It depends on your personal preference, of course! But some of the most popular SMOK vape kits that have received great feedback for high performance and appealing flavour include the SMOK Nord 2 Pod Kit and the SMOK RPM 5 Pro 80W Pod Kit.

    Is SMOK the Best Vape Brand?

    Again, this depends on your personal taste. However, SMOK is the world’s best-selling vape brand for good reason; this pioneering company has developed and manufactured many of the safest and most popular vapes and vapes kits globally. 

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