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    Voopoo DragBar Disposable Vape

    Introducing the VooPoo Dragbar disposable vape; an easy to use, modern and compact vape device available in a variety of tantalising flavours. Shop all flavours and collections and save on disposable vape with

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    What is a VooPoo DragBar?

    VooPoo DragBar is a small and compact disposable vape pen designed for easy and convenient vaping. Ideal for both beginner and experienced vapers, this draw-activated disposable vape comes with an in-built 400mAh battery and is pre-filled with 2ml e-liquid in a variety of exciting flavours. You can enjoy up to 600 puffs using your VooPoo Drag Bar device. Being a disposable vape pen, you’re saved the hassle of re-filling or recharging your VooPoo once depleted. Simply replace it with a new Drag Bar!

    Voopoo DragBar Flavours

    Enjoy a variety of deliciously fruity Voopoo flavours such as Strawberry, Peach Ice, OMG (Orange Mango Guava) and Banana Ice, or keep it simple and traditional with Tobacco or Menthol. 

    How Many Puffs in a VooPoo DragBar?

    A VooPoo DragBar disposable vape offers up to approximately 600 puffs.

    How Much Nicotine is in a VooPoo DragBar?

    Your VooPoo DragBar disposable vape comes pre-filled with e-liquid containing 20mg salt nicotine.

    Where to Buy VooPoo DragBar in the UK

    At Aroma Vape we stock the highest-quality, premium and authentic vapes including a broad range of flavours from the VooPoo Dragbar disposable vape range. Shop now for free delivery over £40 in the UK.

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